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The Sexy Ladies and the Erotic Lens

10/06/2011 21:57
In 1835, a man named Louis Daguerre was able to ideal his photographic procedure referred to as the "dauerreotype" and contemporary photography as we know it was born. Shortly - some say instantly - afterwards, erotic photography was born. The capability to produce crystal clear, permanent pictures...

selfshots pics loads of sexy bodies

10/06/2011 21:55
Clicking on an online adult gallery filled with thousands of amateur selfshots or amateur selfpics photos feels a bit like the naked mile because you get to see row upon row of sexy naked bodies. Nudity is not the only thing that teen photos are famous for. They are the most basic marketing tool...

the art of selfshots and selfpics to attract And find a date Online

10/06/2011 21:54
teen selfshots pictures can also be an art form just like erotic fiction or art images featuring loads of sexy and hot teens. In your amateur selfpics you are actually capturing your sexuality in that moment and transforming it into a film So what if a computer screen is your canvas. That doesn't...

First blog

10/06/2011 15:53
Our new blog has been launched today. Stay focused on it and we will try to keep you informed. You can read new posts on this blog via the RSS feed.
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