The Sexy Ladies and the Erotic Lens

10/06/2011 21:57
In 1835, a man named Louis Daguerre was able to ideal his photographic procedure referred to as the "dauerreotype" and contemporary photography as we know it was born. Shortly - some say instantly - afterwards, erotic photography was born. The capability to produce crystal clear, permanent pictures of sexy or nearly nude teens, was too tempting for photographers to resist. But the equipment and procedure of the earliest photo techniques was complicated and cumbersome. The invention of the Leica 35mm camera is what most specialists agree began the revolution of erotic photography. With the invention of the compact camera, everyone was able to get hold of a camera and take photos. And the art of erotic photography began a rapid and explosive growth in popularity.

Soon photographers began seeking out teens to model and pose for erotic photos, making the procedure much more commercialized. Black and white film was inexpensive, along with a basic home darkroom allowed the erotic photo hobbyist to develop and print his own sexy, artistic pictures. Typically, early examples of erotica were for personal use, because there were no publications like Playboy in existence yet. The moral climate in the early days of nude, erotic photography prevented these prints and publications from receiving wide distribution, and they were frequently sold "under the counter" and only to trusted customers.

When color film was initial invented, numerous an amateur photographer embraced it, but it was not as easy to develop inside your own house. And taking a roll of erotic art photos to a camera store or pro lab for processing and printing could be a risky proposition. The creation and mass advertising of the Polaroid camera, with its self-developing prints, make shooting sexy nude photos simpler than ever and perfectly private. And when house video camcorders and then digital cameras arrived on the scene, anybody, anywhere, could become an erotic photo artist. With these advances, nude art has turn out to be a global phenomenon, with people of all ages all all over the world participating in their own forms of photography.

In the time a beautiful young girl or skilled older woman requirements to strip naked and present her shape to the camera, nude, erotic photos could be taken, and then dispersed to collectors, connoisseurs, and voyeurs all all over the world. Thanks to the web, a college girl in Copenhagen can expose her sexy, nude body with buddies, lovers and others anywhere in the world. Inside seconds of stripping their clothes off, anybody could be exposed to numerous individuals across the world, with the help of a webcam or digital camera.

i found this websites amateur selfshots and teen selfshots websites they are collected some teen that taking some pics using their digital camera or webcam, some people sharing their amateur ex girlfriends photos in the net, i do not know what is the purpose, im thinking that they only do some revenge because they broke up their relationship. It's hard to say where the future of erotic photography will lead us, and what new developments it will bring. It is tough to consider such leaps and bounds being made as we go into the future, however it will likely occur.

selfshots pics loads of sexy bodies

10/06/2011 21:55
Clicking on an online adult gallery filled with thousands of amateur selfshots or amateur selfpics photos feels a bit like the naked mile because you get to see row upon row of sexy naked bodies. Nudity is not the only thing that teen photos are famous for. They are the most basic marketing tool for what teen enjoy the most - free sex.

Check out selfshots pics and you will see couples, singles, men, women, gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transvestites and everyone else having no-strings intercourse and lots of adult pics. Because members of an online adult community can sign-up for free, the swingers gallery is never outdated and gets fresh teen photos on a daily basis. The gallery is also only available for adults over 18 years of age, so the pictures are of x-rated content. Members from the UK, US and rest of the world also guarantee a wide variety of naughty photos that will appeal to different swingers. Some of the most popular photos feature Asian girls kissing, UK exhibitionists having dogging sex on the bonnet of their cars and Milfs in the US enjoying a gang-bang with various other swingers.

Don't for one second think that teen photos are only uploaded by middle aged white couples who lives in the suburbs. Swinging as evolved over the years and so has the photos. While you get many soft swinging photos that shows couples kissing and touching, there are also hard core material involving bondage, discipline, S&M and various fetishes. Gay members also love uploading photos of anal sex and blow jobs.

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the art of selfshots and selfpics to attract And find a date Online

10/06/2011 21:54
teen selfshots pictures can also be an art form just like erotic fiction or art images featuring loads of sexy and hot teens. In your amateur selfpics you are actually capturing your sexuality in that moment and transforming it into a film

So what if a computer screen is your canvas. That doesn't mean that you should put in any less effort when it comes to your selfshots or self pics pictures. Most members of an adult site don't give a rats tail about selecting the perfect adult pics for their profile. They just get it over and done with and take a naked photo of themselves in the mirror.

With the technology that we have available to us today, there is no excuse that your selfshots pictures are out of focus or even worse horribly cropped. Software programs like photoshop are miracle workers when it comes to making your adult pics look professional and appealing. First impressions really last and it will only take another selfshots a few seconds to form an opinion about you – not by reading your sexual preferences and likes on your profile page but actually by looking at your amateur selfpics pictures.

Researches found that face-less profiles weren't nearly as popular as profiles that had an adult picture on it and that the adults with the best selfshots pictures also got the most hits. Honesty is always the best policy so don't lie with your selfshots picture and upload a photo of a model you found on a image gallery. In the end you will get caught out. Rather just focus on your best assets like your round breasts or sensual lips or sparkling eyes.

Other tricks that you can do to make your selfshots pics more appealing is to work with the lighting. A soft lighting will hide most of your flaws and make you look more mysterious and sexy. A romantic background like a silky bed or palm trees behind a swimming pool will also add to your adult pics appeal.

Now that you've read our tips, we hope that you will spend more than 10 minutes to take your selfshots/mirror pics. for more style and posing technique visit self pics and selfshots

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